Depths Untold

Human Enhancement Project Report

Laboratory X3
████, 1132

RE: Partial Bond Construction Project Results

In short summary, the project was successful, with a number of subjects developing a partial bond. However, these bonds were temporary, often fatal, and always extremely taxing, both physically and spiritually. It seems that the compound feeds upon spiritual energy as Humans and other sentients feed upon calories. Our current working hypothesis is that this allows it to accomplish otherworldly tasks, by manipulating the spiritual realm. Partial bond holders are an excellent candidate for further experimentation in the ████████ project, although the method must be refined further. In light of the power of the compound, we will be requiring all available samples, and additional funding.

The following personnel participated as subjects in the experiment:

  • █████████████████, deceased.
  • ███████████████, deceased.
  • ███████████, deceased.
  • █████████████
  • ███████████████, deceased.
  • ████████████
  • ████████████████
  • ███████, deceased.

The following personnel acted as researchers and conducted the experiment:

  • ████████████████████
  • ███████████
  • ████████████████, deceased.

Effective immediately, all outgoing shipments of compound ███████████ will be halted, and any extracted samples must be cataloged once more..


Iraditia, Ida



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