Depths Untold

Research Log #469-475

Log 469
1132, 315, Harvestday 22:30
Backup Facility 2, Buzel

  • Subjects:
    • 4 stocked
    • all human (weak racial immune system should allow drugs to take quick effect)
    • appear low class, shouldnt be missed
    • steady dosage of drow poison and nutrional fluids
      • my independent extendable hydraulic syringes have proved invaluable
        • (aten be damned, there must be a shorter name for that…)
        • (they shall henceforth be referred to as ‘stingers’)
  • Serum 2:
    • extracted 200ml of new serum
    • blue, faint glow
      • (similar to anarchy and other immortal powers)
  • aliquot of 5ml
    • preliminary analysis has produced no results regarding composition
    • in vivo analysis required
  • In vivo test 1:
    • subject 1
      • blood alcohol has finally returned to normal levels given BMI
    • first injection, full dosage
    • ~25% swelling of cranium
    • veins glowing blue
    • eyes now blue, dilated pupils, fast and erratic tracking
      • (seems to be looking for something despite darkness of lab)
    • swelling decreased after 6 min observation

Log 470
1132, 316, Shrouday, 25:17
Backup Facility 2, Buzel

  • Subject 1:
    • no apparent lingering effects of serum
    • interested in results of repeated exposure
      • will come back to at a later date
      • must uncover primary effects first
  • In vivo test 2:
    • subject 2
    • seems most aware / active despite suppressants
    • full dosage of serum applied
    • similar physiological changes
  • aten dammit! subject 2 put down
    • somehow he lifted a tool off my belt during examination and slipped his cuffs
    • almost made it out door, before 3 stingers to heart
    • smarter than I expected for a human
    • at least now I have brain tissue samples

Log 471
1132, 317, Toorday, 2:30
Main Lab, Buzel

  • Brain Tissue Sample:
    • faint residual traces of blue serum
    • cells approx 2x larger than typical
      • control sample taken from street urchin
        • needed divinity power anyways
    • hypothesis: increased brain power / intelligence
      • would explain subject 2’s escape attempt

Log 472
1132, 317, Toorday, 22:45
Backup Facility 2, Buzel

  • aten be damned!!
    • Forgot to apply sedatives after yesterday’s scuffle
    • Heard noises coming from holding cell, found subjects pounding on door
    • Subject 3 had loosened gag, began screaming at exposed cranium of subject 2 when opened door and let light in
    • Liberal sedatives applied
  • Subject 3:
    • Pre-adult phase human female
      • particularily poor hair
    • Brought to examination table
  • Unanticipated findings!
    • Must try again …
    • Should begin from start, in operating room
    • Subject 3 still very agitated from earlier
    • While calming subject before procedure, I…
    • Suddenly I… became her. No, not quite.
    • My other senses remained with me
    • But I saw through her eyes, very odd experience
      • could see white/grey from goggles on my mask
      • No other visible signs from my body
      • will need to recruit assistant to monitor subject
    • “our” sight darted around the room as my body stood there
    • effects lasted approx 1 min before I returned to myself
    • subject did not appear to know what had happened
    • reported no changes to herself

Log 473
1132, 318, Erasday, 23:10
Backup Facility 2, Buzel

  • “soul sight” test 2:
    • subject 3 again
    • could not force sight
    • physical contact not enough either
      • what changed??
  • breakthru: her name!
  • conclusions:
    • requirements: speaking subject’s name while in physical contact
    • results: allows me to see through their eyes
    • signs: my eyes turn white, no signs from subject
      • (set up nearby mirror this time)
    • effects last approx 1 min
    • subject unaware and in control of her body
    • my senses remain with me
      • must try moving myself while out of self
  • this is fascinating

Log 474
1132, 319, Oathday, 16:48
Various pubs, Buzel

  • “soul sight” test 3+4:
    • more tests during another “pub crawl” with the crew
    • with no need for my stingers and no effects on subjects
      • decided to try on fellow crew
    • everything looks so much bigger as a halfling…
    • could not form connection with Grimly
      • curious
      • perhaps the true name of subject is required
      • it has long been expected that even the name we found him with was not his true name

Log 475
1132, 319, Oathday, 24:02
Backup Facility 2, Buzel

  • IQ control
    • created intelligence challenge for subjects
    • subject 3 again
    • left ungagged in order to apply challenge
    • was difficult to persuade her to answer question
    • her results were poor, as expected of a human
  • with serum:
    • full dosage, serum 2
    • same swelling
    • as hypothesized, her results on the challenge improved dramatically
    • she even proposed solutions I had not thought of
      • most intriguing
    • even began questioning me, asking why she had been taken
    • Pleaded with me
    • Her attempts to to acquire pity did not succeed
    • Dealt with these issues before, during Drow plague
      • tears, pleas, screams
      • guilt
      • they dont bother me anymore

  • I believe I have the results I require for now
  • Must dispose of remaining test subjects before my rsch is discovered
    • will harvest to recharge divinity power

Her name was Linnette, she had a brother



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