Immortal Embodiment of Chaos


Physically, Anarchy is a tall man, lithe, and whenever people see him move, he seems relaxed. To most observers, this relaxed movement mixed with his usual comfortable noble garb cause them to underestimate him, but a perceptive mind will notice the tension and preparedness he carries in his steps, reminding them of a panther, or some other predator, watching everything around him as a possible target. He is a talented fighter and sorcerer, originally being a thief.

Incredibly dexterous and skilled with knives, he was also gifted by the Artifact with the ability to collect chaotic energy and release it in unpredictable explosive bursts, usually in a blueish orb form, as well as beams. He also has the phasing ability granted to him, to escape from bonds of order, allowing him to become insubstantial for small periods of time, slipping through floors, walls, handcuffs, and other restrictions.

He is often incredibly calm, but is strangely threatening in his seeming omniscience. He is often fairly casual as well, spending afternoons sleeping in, or wandering off from companions at the drop of a hat in order to explore some dingy neighborhood.


Anarchy is a fairly mysterious character, but to those who are familiar with him, they know he has lived for an extremely long amount of time, at least hundreds of years. His original companions were the members of the mysterious Society of the Three Legged Crow, composed originally of the six immortals and their servants. Anarchy is known to be on fairly bad terms with the other members of the society.

Anarchy was last seen battling a talented wielder of a soul-blade atop an Imperial Sky Castle which was in a critical state due to severe engine damage. He was observed to take a blow to the neck, while his regenerative powers had already halted. He is assumed dead, as after the castle’s emergency teleport system was activated, his body was not recovered.


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