Captain Carey "Ace of Swords" Drust

Rising Star of the Republic Freedom Forces


A traditional fighter, he uses many weapons with a decent amount of proficiency, but is not specialized in any capability. His true talent lies in inspiring and organizing others, being an incredible charismatic presence, though he is not above wielding blade and gun on his own as well.


At a mere 22 years of age, many other members of the military look down upon him, especially those more established members who fought during the war of secession. Captain Drust proved himself in domestic conflicts, having grown up during the war.

His home was destroyed before he was old enough to remember it, scorched by Imperial flames, and this early event which decimated his family left him full of hatred for the Empire. His patriotism, single-minded determination, and cunning set him apart from others, and he grew to be a capable fighter who naturally attracted followers, often being defined by the powerful companions he gained.

Originally slated to be on the fast track for Lieutenant Colonel due to incredible success via daring actions in the Ferix Incursion, Drust was the victim of a conspiracy which landed him in control of an undersized and notoriously unruly Independent Company, 8th Company. However, he has defied expectations with the outbreak of new conflict, and has shown his worth with aggressive strikes against the Empire. Since the 8th Company is so looked down upon, they rarely receive oversight or orders, allowing Drust to act more or less freely with the men who respect him greatly.

Theme Song:

Captain Carey "Ace of Swords" Drust

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