Charles Ostian

A Beacon of Hope In This Dark World Of Ours


In the beginning, there was a void. There was darkness. There was chaos. Then, a spark, the moment of creation. In that single moment, chaos was ordered, void became filled, and dark became light. Laws were laid down, as was the matter that was to be subject to them. Such was the creation of the universe. Fundamental and opposing forces of good and evil, chaos and order, light and dark, began to war.

Over the eons, battles were fought – there were stalemates, victories, and losses for all factions involved. In the caves of the Depths, where chaos and darkness seemed to steel the hearts of its denizens, it appeared that the forces of Injustice and Evil were to win. Or, so it seemed, until a man appeared of nowhere. Nay, not a man. A beacon in a man’s form:

Charles Ostian, the paragon of virtue. Champion of Good.

Charles Ostian

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