Ida Iraditia

Famous Scientist, Cold Solipsist


An incredibly multi-talented scientist, engineer, and researcher, Ida originally worked as a young apprentice in the Empire, and was part of the research team tasked with with discovering further properties of illudium, and rose to prominence after inventing the first illudium flight engine. Despite her talents, she has always been said to be cold and completely uncaring of others, and has always merely worked at developing new technologies with no regard for the financial or ethical concerns involved. She has stated in the past that she would work for whoever allowed her the most freedom to give life to her designs, and many of her coworkers suspect that she sees others as merely objects in a world which she changes at her whim.

Later she defected to the Bexelian Republic once the rebellion began, and designed a number of its signature weapons in her prime. Recently, she dropped off the radar during the Battle of Buzel, but is not confirmed to be dead.

Ida Iraditia

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