A talented tiefling magic-user who lost her memory.


Fairly tall, with long auburn hair, and purple skin, she usually wears an extremely long scarf, which has small blades of bones on it, which she uses to fight.


She remembers nothing of her past except a single image of a horrifying figure burned into her mind. She found a logbook which mentioned someone which fit her description under the name of Nisha, so she has at least discovered that, as well as the fact that she was an important part of a rebel sect in the Bexelian Republic which was specialized in doing battle with the Shadowed Skull and their undead.

Nisha is a chaotic good, bladed scarf (which she is very attached to) wielding magus, with amnesia and the ‘naive’ trait. She sees the world as black and white, evil and good, but is slowly learning that life is not so simple.

In her earliest memory she was in the dark, running from something unknown, feeling nothing but terror. Next thing she remembers is the warmth of magical energies sealing her wounds. There was a human holding her, light emanating from his hand, pain ceasing where he touched. That was her first memory of him, and that is how she will remember him. R.I.P. Viktor Voss

Nisha doesn’t talk often, and when she does, it is not usually more than a few words. Now with her saviour gone she’s ended up alone in the care of these… these savages! They kill without second thought and extort innocent people. Yet they work together and have a semblance of comradery. How can such evil beasts can show such these virtues? Maybe one day she’ll remember where she belongs, but she’ll have to survive until then though, and that means that she needs to make herself useful…

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