Saskia Loretta van Ervan Garcia

Scientifically Enhanced Swordswoman


Of average height and a strong build, Saskia carries herself with the grace of a trained fencer, and her bearing implies some training in etiquette as well. Many find her first impression somewhat unsettling, not only due to her noble bearing, but also because of her slightly glowing eyes, which are a faint shade of red, most likely due to the enhancements performed upon her at the IMR Center, in Lab X3.


Originally born as a noblewoman in a seaside town, she took an interest in swordfighting from a young age, but was also trained in engineering and various fields of research. However, when she was but seventeen years of age, her town was raided by a pirate fleet, leaving her as the sole survivor of her house. After stepping out from her old town, spattered with blood which was not hers, and possessing nothing but the clothes on her back and the blade in her hand, she fought her way through a cold and unforgiving land, eventually becoming a researcher in the Bexelian Republic.

Her discoveries were thought of as immoral, due to her research in human enhancement. Ida Iraditia took her under her wing, with the stipulation that she must prove her dedication. Saskia had no doubts, and tested her theories on her own body. Despite extreme pain, she administered the treatments to herself, and developed abilities beyond what a human could hope to reach, and so she was admitted into Lab X3, at the age of twenty three.

Saskia Loretta van Ervan Garcia

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