The Former Captain Grimly

Everyone's Favorite Rough and Tumble, Gruff but Loveable, Kick-The-Doors-Down and Throw-A-Bundle Sapper


Race: Human
Age: 34 or 43
Class: Non-Chalant Thug
Weapons: Anything on Hand
Literacy: Questionable
Aliases: Many

Physical Description:

For many people, the first impression they have of TCF Grimly is that he is a rather tall Dwarf. It’s easy to see why: His 5’3 frame, and leathery skin that looks like it is stretched over bunched cables certainly hints at Dwarven heritage. This image certainly isn’t helped by his rather long, bushy beard, and the beer-gut that betrays a love of Ale and fried foods. Despite his rough exterior, most are unafraid to comment on his unusual appearance — although whether this is due to his air of good-humour, or because of his missing ear and general obliviousness to things happening around him is a matter of debate.


The Former Captain Grimly

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