Unassuming immortal inquisitor.


Truth is a short, unassuming man, but his eyes are piercing. They are pure blue, and never close. He often dresses in a long robe, and braids his white hair in elaborate patterns. He is skilled in disguise and information gathering, as he can sense any lie, and is incredibly convincing and skilled in debate. He prefers to avoid combat, but when challenged, his strategic abilities and talent for identifying weaknesses allows him to decimate much more imposing foes.


Truth was once a member of the Society of the Three Legged Crow, like Anarchy and the others. Despite his name, he keeps his affairs shrouded in secrecy, and manipulates information as a weapon. He currently holds the position as Royal Inquisitor of the Tarean Empire, under the name Verus.

Recent Events:
Truth was killed during the siege of Buzel in mysterious circumstances, and the body was never found. What the world as a whole does not know was that he was killed by a group of gangsters from the city with a grudge, who were assisted by Anarchy, another one of the immortals.

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