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  • Tarean Empire

    h3. Major Cities * [[Yarsberg | Yarsberg]]: Capital of the Tarean Empire. Characterized by its massive, ancient walls, which separate the shimmering Noble's district within from the sprawling slums across the outside. * Vercante: A city ruled in all …

  • The Glorious Diarchy of Sholn

    h3. Government

    Sholn is a diarchy, and is led by the two mysterious Regents, elected every decade by the Council. The Council is a branch of the Sholn government which deals with day to day mercantile affairs, and convenes every ten years to elect the …

  • Bexelian Republic

    h1. Politics

    All politics is decided by a council of the 100 elected representatives, but the representatives are all well known to represent specific rich individuals, as a legal system of buying representatives is employed.

    The …