A powerful, enigmatic magic user, and head of an influential cartel.


An enigmatic and ancient mage who is talked about in stories, mostly to scare disobedient children, Auchtaria surfaces throughout legends for millennia, some of which predate modern civilization.

Research into these has revealed a number of contradictory elements, as well as some interesting tidbits. However, a number of shadowy organizations have professed ties to her, or figures which resemble her, and she is suspected by some to be more active now, putting into action a plan long in the making.

  • She is rumored to live forever, and to have the power to alter fate.
  • Some say she can manipulate life and death, a power lost even to the divine in the legends.
  • In many children’s stories she is reputed to kidnap the young, and to bring them to an ancient stronghold.
  • Never in history or legend has she been said to directly contact any nation state, and some old stories point to her having been aligned with some ancient feudal kingdom.
  • She is said to never associate with humans.
  • Some stories say she is a shadow demon, and others still purport that she is an ancient queen who made a pact with The Forgotten One, or as it was called in those times, The One Below, The One who Waits, or The Dark at the End.
  • One tale describes her as riding a massive stone tower with lizard legs and a mushroom top.
  • A collection of short stories describes her as part lizard.
  • In all the legends and stories, she is an extremely talented mage, with a dark agenda.


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