A blade in the night, a charming face, a subtly placed word. All these are tools of Trickery, along with many more. Trickery was the most immediately changed of the Immortals, and lost all physical identification, able to change herself at will, whether it be her face, form, or even gender. Trickery usually assumes the form of an androgynous, lithe thief, and favors loose clothing which is easy to move in. However, she often includes metal plates in her clothing for extra protection. Despite constantly shifting forms, she is often short, and is always accompanied by her avian companion, the species of which is unknown, as it does not appear in the cave. Trickery prefers to avoid any direct confrontation, but has been changing of late, and appears to have steeled her resolve to fight for her beliefs, glaive in hand.


Other forms:


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