Imperial Gemblade

Also Known As

  • Spellknife
  • Forceblade
  • Standard Issue Evocation Class Force Based Field Dagger

The long name leads most to refer to the common sidearm of Imperial troops as gemblades, due to their construction. which at first glance consists of a shimmering gem built into the pommel of a simple, unadorned black hilt. However, upon turning the gem 45 degrees, it triggers a release of arcane energy focused in the shape of a blade. This is more effective than a regular dagger, however, it relies on being charged with spell energy before use, and if no energy is present, it’s completely possible to be left with a useless hilt. A standard blade lasts about an hour.

In some cases, larger blades are created, longswords and rapiers being common, although sometimes greatswords have been seen. These require much larger power sources, however.

Imperial Gemblade

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