Capital of the Tarean Empire. Characterized by its massive, ancient walls, which separate the shimmering Noble’s district within from the sprawling slums across the outside. It is the residence of Queen Yarea.

Features and Highlights

  • Royal’s Rest: The traditional palatial gardens dedicated to the leisure of the Queen and her associated court, they have stood splendorous and dignified for centuries.
  • The Choking City: A violent slum built along the southern wall, the Choking City spreads across the wall like vines, and is one of the least supervised areas in the Empire, holding a repute for harboring malcontents, kulaks, dissenters, and general criminals. If one wishes to disappear from society, it is a prime destination. The choice of whether one disappears permanently, however, is always a point of contention.
  • Geckan’s Spire: A seedy, yet popular, tavern in the slums, run by the gruff ex-warmage Geckan. Physically, it rises haphazardly above nearby shacks in a precarious shape leaning from side to side, and many patrons speculate that it is propped up merely by magic, whispering that the day that Geckan dies, the spire will die with him, physically and metaphorically. Others whisper that if one taps a certain pattern on the bar, a shady underworld of illicit contracts will be revealed to them.


The city is mainly policed by the Imperial Army, due to its strategic value and number of important political figures. In addition, due to the large amount of intrigue between nobles, the city also contains the headquarters of the Imperial Inquisition, a fearsome and mysterious force, which has recently been in disarray after the rumored loss of its leader, although their agents are still just as fierce. When a lord opens their door to see dignified figures clothed in grey robes with metal plating, and bows on their back, their hearts are rightfully filled with fear.


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